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Posted: Sunday, May 28, 2017 1:44 PM

Backpage Police. I ask that you do not delete my ad. I am offering healing and education to make the world a better place.

The least you might do is contact me and find out what I am about instead of coming from your own assumptions and deleting my ads. In addition to the least you might do, is you could let me know what the problem is with my ads you delete so that I can have an understanding of why you have deleted them? I also need to survive here on this planet and this is my calling.

If you could re-post my ads which you deleted, I'd appreciate it.

Unless you are so far above the consciousness of the majority of individuals on this planet you also can not escape from the consequences of all the mis-information out there regarding sex and intimacy through society, pornography and the entertainment industry. How is all of that working for you and your relationship? How is it working in your intimate life? Are you feeling complete? Are you feeling happy and satisfied? And how about your partner? Can you say you know of anyone who has not suffered because of some sort of sexual or spiritual abuse or addiction? Wouldn't you want a world where your daughter could walk through life and you felt sure she would be safe on this planet?

It all comes down to the lack of real education regarding relationship, intimacy and sex. ... and all the depression, frustration, addiction - and even war - what do you think that is all about? It's all about the same thing. The lack of understanding and no education out there about the energy that drives us.

If you can say you don't see any problems out there regarding all of this and if you're feeling happy and satisfied with the way your relationships have gone, then I applaud you for having mastered the mysteries and I would invite you to share your knowledge so that the rest of the planet wakes up. I trust that you are authentic and honest - especially with yourself regarding all of this.

If not (and obviously not because if you understood this work you would not delete the ads I post) - then please take a little time to consider that perhaps what is offered here could be beneficial to individuals for their physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual wellbeing and relationships. After all - how can we save the planet if we are not even connected to ourselves in a healthy way and if our sexuality is separate from spirit (as portrayed through the powers that be in religion and society including pornography and the media)?

The sad thing is - is that even the most spiritual minded is effected by what society has conditioned us to believe regarding sex, intimacy and relationships and it simply does not work to be in that way. The thing that is so insidious is that you don't know THAT you don't know WHAT you don't know, and those very things that are hidden from your consciousness are what is blocking you from having the love, life and relationship of bliss you long to have! I have worked with so many individuals who do not even know whether or not their partner has an STD and/or they've been together for years and the relationships is on the rocks, one or the other or both have developed emotional, sexual or physical dysfunction and the sex isn't great (if it's even happening at all).

Come on - you know this is the truth! You want to know why she's gained 50 to 100 pounds since you've been married or why she's a nervous emotional wreck? You want to know why he's got high blood pressure, heart disease and ED?

It's all about the same thing here... Consciousness - or not. There needs to be an education to start with and that is what I am about.

This is the core of all the distress and dis-ease on our planet. Our sexual energy is our creative, live force energy - everything it penetrates - it expands and grows whatever it comes into contact with regardless of whether it's good, bad, healthy or destructive. Obviously we've got a problem here - look at how things are going - and why are married people, people in 'committed relationships', even sneaking around here on the backpage looking for someone else outside of their relationship without their partner’s awareness or consent?

And look. Here is the thing. If you are someone (BP Police or Not) reading this post and doing just that (looking for satisfaction outside your committed relationship without partners knowledge or consent) - I am not even going to make you 'wrong'. What I am going to say is that there is a reason for your deep longing for (whatever it is you're seeking) and if you truly understood the mysteries of our nature, and if you had mastered your energy, you wouldn't be looking for something outside of what you already have. You instinctively know there is so much more you could experience, and you're trying to figure it out.

If we can learn a new way, (the way we were meant to be) - it will heal us and bring peace and harmony. Tantra is about consciousness in every way. Conscious Communication, Conscious Touch, Conscious Living, Conscious Loving. Hey? What better way to heal ourselves and the world other than healing love? REALLY.

I offer education and healing of Tantra. Look it up yourself if you like, but please be mindful that the western world and the unevolved mind has made Tantra into something that it is NOT and you will find a lot of mis-information out there on this topic - so keep in mind that not everyone is coming from the same place when talking Tantra. Hopefully you will read my website and feel the spirit of where I am coming from.

Here is a link to my website:

If you have questions or concerns, contact me through the form on my website - keeping in mind that I am paid for my time in educating you regarding this topic.

Thank you.

And as for any of the rest of you, if you would like to learn a better way for relating and creating deeper connection and healing relationship and intimate issues, dysfunction or addiction - contact me through the form on my website.

Serious Students ONLY.


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